Overwhelming Evidence that Medjugorje’s “Great Prophecy” Has Been Fulfilled… Question Remains: What’s Next?

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The Blessed Virgin Mary’s prophecy at Medjugorje has been fulfilled. It can no longer be disputed.  There is no other way to put this other than simply and directly.

Understand the incredible importance of this: Catholic Prophecy has been fulfilled just as it was at Fatima. 

For a number of years, Mystic Post has been writing about something we call Medjugorje’s “Great Prophecy”.  The “Great Prophecy” occurred on November 1, 1981 at Medjugorje.  On that date,  the Queen of Peace told the visionaries:  “Russia will come to glorify God the most; the West has made civilization progress but without God and act as if they are their own creators.” 

It is worth noting that  Russia, at the time of the prophecy, was the atheist state of the Soviet Union and had just months earlier attempted to assassinate Pope John Paul II.   For decades, after the prophecy, not a single expert in all the world spoke of a time when the Soviet Union would become Russia again and the atheist nation would experience a sudden spiritual revival. The only one who spoke of such things was the  Queen of Peace. 

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The evidence of this prophecy fulfilled comes in almost daily now. Russia, seemingly out of nowhere has become the dominant news story of our times.

A good example of the extraordinary spiritual revival in Russia can be gleaned from this very main stream article by “The Hill” titled : Has Russia become the world’s new moral leader? (see below)

As we start 2017 it is important to understand that this year is the 100 year anniversary of Fatima. And for those who follow Medjugorje closely it is a well-known fact that “Medjugorje is the fulfillment of Fatima”.  What is not so well-known is that Russia mysteriously ties both Fatima and Medjugorje together.

So as we see Medjugorje’s “Great Prophecy” unfold and as the calendar moves towards May 13, 2017 – the 100-year anniversary of Fatima and October 13, 2017 the anniversary of the miracle of the sun, one big  question remains: will the Medjugorje secrets now begin to be realized?

“The Hill” Has Russia become the world’s new moral leader?

The Russian bear has become the big bad wolf to the American left, blamed for everything from winning the election for Donald Trump to “penetrating” the U.S. electric grid to birthing “fake news.” But is their real problem that Russia has become the new national equivalent of the Moral Majority?

An ideological component was integral to the Cold War, with a then more traditionalist West opposing the Marxist Red Menace of the Soviet Union. As Eastern Europe’s communism collapsed, however, relations thawed. But the post-bipolar world has seen an ideological pole shift, with a secularizing, increasingly statist, sexual-agenda-spawning West opposed by an explicitly traditionalist Russia.

While some U.S. state governments punish Christian businessmen for not servicing same-sex “weddings,” Russia outlawed pro-homosexual propaganda in 2013. Our left was apoplectic, and the Obama administration condemned the law.

Obama famously declared, “We are no longer just a Christian nation.” Russian President Vladimir Putin agreed with Obama’s assessment in a 2013 keynote speech, criticizing Western countries for having “moved away from their roots, including Christian values.” Where Obama is trying to force churches to provide employees prenatal-infanticide drugs, Putin prohibited prenatal infanticide after 12 weeks and has stood side-by-side with the Orthodox Church’s Patriarch Kirill I, a staunch Kremlin ally.

In the same speech, Putin targeted the West’s woolly-headed relativism, saying, “Policies are being pursued that place on the same level a multi-child family and a same-sex partnership, a faith in God and a belief in Satan. This is the path to degradation.”

The Kremlin also skewered two other Western sacred cows, writing in a 2014 document titled “Foundations of the State Cultural Policy” that it rejects “such principles as multiculturalism and tolerance” and those “imposing alien values on society.”

Putin is making the bold claim “that Moscow is the Godly City of today and command post of the counter-reformation against the new paganism,” Pat Buchanan opined in 2014. “Putin is plugging into some of the modern world’s most powerful currents.”

Liberals are shocked enough to be put off their caffè lattes and veggie burgers. Their reaction is visceral. When hearing sentiments such as Putin’s, liberals would normally shout, “Racist!” “Bigot!” “Homophobe!” “Hater!”

That’s when hearing opinions expressed by their own traditionalist countrymen.

Can you imagine how they feel about a powerful foreign leader going the full Falwell? Russia is now the sum of all their fears: the Christian Coalition with nukes.

Where Democratic icon Sen. Ted Kennedy secretly and shamefully appealed to the USSR for help defeating Ronald Reagan in 1984, liberals now really do view Russia as the Evil Empire. Putin is Emperor Palpatine, considered what any traditionalist would be: a fundamentally wicked person.

This helps explain liberal hysteria over Russia that’s so intense it has resulted in mainstream-media fake news. An example is the story about electric grid penetration peddled by The Washington Post, after which the paper was forced to admit the report was basically fiction. It also explains liberal insistence that Russia hacked the DNC, even though other culprits seem more likely (i.e., a leaker). It also, explains why, as Glenn Greenwald put it, “[a]ny story that bolsters the prevailing D.C. orthodoxy on the Russia Threat, no matter how dubious, is spread far and wide.”

More than liberals consciously framing Russia, however, this is often just old-fashioned human prejudice (something liberals, an emotionalistic lot, are prone to). Like a divorcée so soured on her ex-husband that she views him through tinted lenses and reads negative motivations into even innocent missteps, liberals see Putin, see red, and then think, “Why, that’s just the kind of thing he would do!”

Of course, Putin is no choir boy. He may even be an imperialist. But he won’t be perceived clearly by the
“racist-homophobe-bigot” crew because hatred is like darkness: the more there is, the less you can see. Blinded eyes beget bad judgments that can lead to bad outcomes — such as war.

Let’s hope those shaping foreign policy in the next administration have more light in the cranium.

Selwyn Duke (@SelwynDuke) is a conservative media personality whose work has been published on The American Conservative, WorldNetDaily, and American Thinker. He has also contributed to college textbooks published by Gale – Cengage Learning, and is a frequent guest on radio and television.

2 thoughts on “Overwhelming Evidence that Medjugorje’s “Great Prophecy” Has Been Fulfilled… Question Remains: What’s Next?

  • January 6, 2017 at 11:28 pm

    The global elites had control of Russia via communism for most of the 20th century. During that time, they decided that a bloody revolution of the Bolshevik flavor just would not work in western society, they would not be able to polarize society the same way they did Russia to slaughter 100 million Christians. Cultural Marxism was invented and put into motion with the intent of eroding, perverting, and taking over society generations later. Russia was communist, and cultural marxism had been set into motion in the US and Europe by mid/late 20th century. Whether it been the result of the “near” consecration of Russia by Pope John Paul that resulted in the collapse of the Soviet Union, or if it just collapsed on its own, it’s somewhat unknown how it did collapse. It seems to be divine.

    The global elites lost control of Russia. Call Putin evil or former KGB or whatever, he was selected by God to take control of Russia. It’s miraculous the guy hasn’t been knocked off yet. He must be receiving special divine protection. Meanwhile, since the global elites have lost control of Russia, they decided to ramp up their efforts with cultural marxism in the west which is why we are seeing the anti-Christian environment that has been growing and growing year after year.

    It didn’t take any “prophecy” to see this coming. There are no new apparitions or messages from Our Lady. Her interaction with mankind was concluded with the Third Secret in which she gave an explicit order to reveal to the people by the Catholic Church by 1960. That order was ignored because the church had already been infiltrated by satan’s disciples by that time. It makes perfect sense that they would refuse to carry out a request from Our Lady. That alone proves that the smoke of satan had truly entered into the Church.

    Medjugorje is a money-making scheme with a bunch of supposed “messages” that are always ambiguous and vague and repeating. “My child…” “Penance, my child”. “My Children…”. blah blah blah. Broken record. I would suggest to listen to every interview Malachi Martin gave about Fatima. He was one of the few people that actually read the Third Secret, and I believe the information he gave us concerning Fatima is the last and only that we can go by. It’s unknown whether this situation will continue on and progress over the next 200 years, 500 years, etc, or if Our Lady’s Immaculate Heart will triumph in 2017 beginning with severe chastisements. But Russia does seem to be pretty well poised for a conversion. They are still Orthodox, but it looks like they are making a transformation in that direction. Time will tell. Hopefully it all happens sooner than later. I’m sick and tired of the sick morally deranged society we live in where good is bad and bad is good, and mentioning the name “Jesus” in public is considered taboo and talking about homosexual marriage in public is a good healthy thing. Sick of it and I’m sick of the stupid idiots I come across every day that would rather worship a bunch of gang-banging blacks running around on a football field than Jesus Christ.

    • January 9, 2017 at 10:44 am


      You do understand that the Gospels are fairly simple and have been repeated for 1000s of years, The messages do not pretend to offer new insight of the revealed word of Jesus and the apostles. She helps us to convert. i.e she saves souls by calling people back to her son


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