Saint John Paul the Great’s Mysterious Devotion to a Weeping Statue from Medjugorje

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“But Pope John Paul II also said, that one day, I should tell the world that John Paul II had revered the image of the Virgin of Civitavecchia. a statue from Medjugorje.  I asked when I should make this public. He told me, I would know when.”

 May 17, 2011. ( Pope John Paul II venerated this image of the Virgin of Civitavecchia. It’s a statue of plaster from Medjugorje that supposedly cried tears of blood in 14 different cases. This is according to the book titled “La Madonnina de Civitavecchia. The true story of a painful drama of love.” It was written by Monsignor Girolamo Grillo.

He says the pope’s personal secretary, Stanislaw Dziwisz, asked him to take the statue to the Vatican. It was June 9, 1995, three months after the bishop saw the weeping statue with his own eyes.

Msgr. Girolamo Grillo Bishop Emeritus of Civitavecchia
“We were praying for a long time. During dinner, the pope asked me to tell him what happened. I started to explain but I stopped because I realized  he knew more than me. I was impressed. Then he spoke about the meaning behind the tears. After dinner, he told me to keep quiet about this. But he also said, that one day, I should tell the world that John Paul II had revered the image of the Virgin of Civitavecchia. I asked when I should make this public.  He told me, I would know when.”

As evidence of this meeting, the book shows a letter describing the visit between the two. It’s signed and dated by John Paul II himself.

Msgr. Girolamo Grillo:
“I asked Stainslaw: ‘Who will believe me, who will believe what I wrote in my diary’? He told me to write a letter describing what happened that night. I sent him two copies. A week later he returned the letter signed by John Paul II.”

The bishop also says Cardinal Angelo Sodano, the former Secretary of State, called him several times on behalf of the pope. The Cardinal said he had faith and believed in the weeping statue.

The Vatican however, in particular the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith, has not made any official statement to validate these accounts.

Andrea Tornielli Vaticanista
“During a first investigation by a commission, it concluded with the definition “non constat de sopranaturalitate,” a somewhat vague conclusion, which means its supernatural origin could not be confirmed. It’s not a negative conclusion, like the one defined by“constat de non.” That term means it’s certain it’s not supernatural.”

Civitavecchia “Weeping” Statue

Scientific tests confirm that the red brown fluid streaming from the eyes of the statue is a man’s blood. The Church does not comment on the occurrence. According to the Vatican, it takes many years for “miracles” and places of pilgrimage to be recognized.


The Padre Pio Connection
By Daniel Klimek

In 1994, Don Pablo Martin was the parish priest of Saint Agostino’s Church in the Pantano district of Civitivecchia in Italy, the area where the statue from Medjugorje—later dubbed “the Virgin of Civitivecchia”—would gain international attention. It was Don Pablo who, making a pilgrimage to Medjugorje in September of that year, bought a sixteen-inch, white plaster statue of the Virgin as a souvenir from Medjugorje.

It was Padre Pio who assured him, according to Don Pablo, that “the most beautiful event of his life” would result for selecting and buying that statue. Randall Sullivan reported this connection, between Padre Pio and the weeping statue from Medjugorje, in this book The Miracle Detective. The fact that Padre Pio had been dead since 1968 made this message—seemingly a spiritual communication—that much more interesting.It is interesting to note that, in his spiritual life, Don Pablo had a strong devotion to Padre Pio – even before Saint Pio was officially canonized by John Paul II in 2002. This devotion is noteworthy because Don Pablo credits Padre Pio’s intercession with helping him select statue from Medjugorje that would weep tears of blood on 14 different occasions.

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