Austria Mystic on Medjugorje and Purgatory: “A poor soul from Purgatory told me Medjugorje was true…With Medjugorje there is only one great danger, and it is that the world does not take it into account.”

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Important words about Medjugorje and Purgatory from Austrian Mystic, Maria Simma (1915-2004)

Does Mary, the mother of Jesus, really appear? You mentioned Medjugorje on several occasions. Can you tell me a little bit about that now?

 Oh! Yes, it really appears, and it is today in Medjugorje that it appears every day to a group of young children. I went three times, but I did not need to go there to find out whether it was true or not. Shortly after the apparitions began, in June 1981, I asked a Poor Soul from Purgatory and told me they were true.  You know, with Medjugorje, there is only one great danger, and it is that the world does not take it into account.

From “Mystics of the Church”

Maria Simma was born on February 2, 1915 in Sonntag, Austria. She was the second of eight children. Her mother and father were poor peasant farmers and the family lived a “hand to mouth” existence. They were humble Catholic country folk who possessed a simple yet very devout faith in God. At around age 7, Maria began felt a strong call to help others, either through prayer and sacrifice in the religious life as a nun, or as a lay missionary.  With this in mind around this time she told her mother that she would never marry. Her mother replied “Well, we will see when you are age 20”. And to this Maria replied “It is firm inside of me- either I will enter the convent or I will work somewhere else in the world where I can be of help to others.”

The greatest complaint from the souls in Purgatory- Abandonment by their loved ones.
According to Maria, the greatest “complaint” of the souls in Purgatory is how they are almost completely forgotton by their family and loved ones–that rightly complain that they receive no spiritual help from those they themselves helped so much during life! How few prayers are ever offered up for them–even at their funerals! Yet prayer is precisely what they need the most! All the beautiful memorials, celebrations, tattoo’s etc done and given in their honor, while they may be good intentioned, in reality do nothing for them and in no way help to relieve them of their suffering/purification.


Visits from the suffering Souls in Purgatory

In 1940 came the first visit from a Holy Soul (a departed soul from Purgatory)  –Maria was age 25. The holy soul–a man– appeared to her in a vision one night. He was pacing back and forth in her bedroom at the foot of her bed.  Confused, she called out to him and said “Who are you?” but she received no reply.  Then she hopped out of bed and tried to grasp him saying “How did you get in here? Go away”, he gave no response and as she reached out to touch him he disappeared. However, as soon as she got back into bed he reappeared, pacing back and forth once again. She wondered how is it that she could readily see this man, but not speak to or touch him. She thought to herself, “Well, so long as he does not come near me” and she remained watching him and after awhile he disappeared and she remained awake pondering the meaning of what happened.

The next day she immediately went to see her parish priest, Fr. Alfons Matt, to tell him all that had happened. After I explained everything to him he said “it could be a poor soul from Purgatory.  If such a thing should ever happen again, do not say “Who are you?” but say “What is it that you need from me?”

The next night the man suddenly appeared again, once again pacing back and forth. This time Maria immediately asked “What is it that you need from me?” The man suddenly stopped, turned towards her and replied “Please have three holy Masses said for my intentions and then I will be delivered.”  And then he immediately disappeared and Maria said “It was then that I knew that he was a poor soul.” The next day she once again told her parish priest, Fr. Alfons Matt,  what had happened and the three requested masses were said.  The good priest also told her to always seek to do whatever she can to help the souls that might come to her.

Soon more souls from purgatory would come asking for her prayers and sacrifices, and thus began a lifetime apostolate for the holy souls.  Over the next few years, only 2 or 3 poor souls came to her each year, but as time went on, more and more were coming to her seeking her assistance through prayers and sacrifices.

From the onset however it must be noted that Maria never sought visits from the souls in purgatory—she never called upon them or “channeled” them in any way. They always came to her without any seeking on her part.  In fact the holy souls have told her that it is God in His great mercy who gives them permission to come to her to obtain sacrifices and prayers that their time in purgatory might be lessened.
In fact, during an interview by Sr. Emmanuel she was asked the following:

-What is the difference between what you are living with the souls of the departed, and the practices of spiritism (by mediums/psychics etc):?

“We are not supposed to summon up the souls – I don’t try to get them to come. In spiritism, people try to call them forth. This distinction is quite clear, and we must take it very seriously. If  people were only to believe one thing I have said, I would like it to be this: those who engage in spiritism (calling forth the dead, moving tables and other practices of that kind) think that they are summoning up the souls of the dead. In reality, if there is some response to their call, it is always and without exception Satan and his angels who are answering. People who practice spiritism (diviners, witches, mediums, etc.) are doing something very dangerous for themselves and for those who come to them for advice. They are up to their necks in lies. It is forbidden, strictly forbidden, to call up the dead. As for me, I have never done so, l do not do so, and I never will do so.”

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  • February 23, 2017 at 10:40 am

    Sadly, we do forget the dead. It’s difficult to remember to pray for our ancestors. However, there are thoughts of individuals known and sometimes unknown who come to us and we don’t know the reason why. I have discovered what I believe is true regarding this. These are souls asking for prayer as they weighed out their time in purgatory. It is a true honor to offer prayer and to fast for their welfare. When they become members of the heavenly band they will pray for us. It’s the communion of saints.

  • February 23, 2017 at 6:30 pm

    “…Do not pray for ONE soul; pray for ALL souls! It will be as if you said a prayer for EACH and EVERY ONE!” Pray daily for all souls. Say the St. Gertrude Prayer for all souls. Pray it as a chaplet on your rosary. Each time the prayer is said, 1,000 souls are released from Purgatory and the prayer was extended to cover the living too. Can you imagine that one rosary of the ST. Gertrude prayers will release 50,000 souls from Purgatory? “Eternal Father, I offer You the most precious blood of Thy Divine Son, Jesus; in union with all the masses said throughout the world this day, for all the Holy Souls in Purgatory, all sinners everywhere, sinners in the universal church, those in my own home and in my family. Amen” Do not look for reasons NOT to help your neighbor! Pray, hope and put it in our Dear Lord’s loving, guiding, healing hands. Do NOT forget all souls – in the church suffering (Penitent), and the church militant and ask for prayers from the church Triumphant for all souls!

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