Awesome Catholic App! for this Lenten Season: “Sinner2Saint” A Fit Bit for your soul.

Do you ever find yourself wondering if you are truly on the right path towards holiness? Have you ever gone to confession for the same sins over and over again?  Entrepreneur Andrew Weyrich, creator of mobile application Sinner2Saint, grew frustrated and tired of going to confession for the same sins and then one day after deep and contemplative prayer he understood that to fix something he needed tools and the tools Andrew was most skilled at using was a device he was holding in his hand – his smartphone. Andrew Weyrich had a passion for using and developing mobile applications and suddenly he had his big idea on how to help people struggling with sin. 

After sensing that God was putting in his heart the idea of building a ministry where he could apply his graphic design and tech skills, the passionate entrepreneur dedicated countless hours to developing a smartphone “app” that he knew in his heart could help millions of Catholics improve their daily efforts to sin less, become more holy,to become more like Saints, and grow closer to God.    

Sinner2Saint tracks your progress in the interior life with a  ‘Soul Dashboard’ feature where you can earn yellow halos when you make progress! The web-based application is available on iPhone/iPad, Android Phones/Tablets and select Chromebooks.  Bluestacks software for PC/MAC Desktops.

The Sinner2Saint app is the first and only app that helps you to take up your cross and offers a roadmap on how to find the Saint inside you!

Sinner2Saint specializes in ‘Spiritual Fitness?’  What is that?  

There are hundreds of Catholics apps available that pretty much do one thing well: list prayers, the rosary, the bible etc.  But Sinner2Saint is very different. This app combines the concepts of a physical exercise app and Catholic Virtue into one.

We like to call it ‘Spiritual Fitness’. Sinner2Saint uses over 12 spiritual interior life tools that the Saints used of prayer, fasting, penance, scripture verses, sacraments, saint quotes, deep reflection, astheticism, interior examination and virtue to do lists to create the habit of discipline and virtue to help you change inside.  

Just like with your body, your soul needs regular exercise to stay pure, sharp and help you strengthen and maintain a very close relationship with God. It was the Saints who prayed constantly, went to Church daily,   turned away from sin so that they could hear God, trusted in Him and bore the crosses that God chose for them with humility.

This app will help you reflect on your sins but also reveal your virtues as well. These reflections will help you grown in holiness and craft the the best version of yourself. The ultimate goal, of course,  is to keep you on the path to Heaven and attaining the ultimate gift of eternal life with our savior. 

Similar to a workout routine, Sinner2Saint has virtue exercise programs that last 21 days.  

Why 21-Day Soul Exercises to Grow in Virtue? Research says that all habits – good or bad – become natural or second nature by repeating them for at least 21 days. Unfortunately, with all of our fallen natures, due to original sin and our own weaknesses and concupicense – we can fall into vices (bad sinful choices) and habitual sin very easily – sometimes in just a few weeks without even realizing the series of temptations, events, wounds, slights, let downs or pain that caused us to react in sin.

The good news is you can counter these learned vices by practicing daily in the opposite virtue for 21 Days (for some people it takes longer – sometimes up to 90 days). Virtue is formed by practicing the repetition of good deeds over and over until they become habit and part of your character.  By transforming your interior into virtue, this is an important step toward becoming a Saint!

Make lent and after lent the start of your striving to live everyday holy!

Sinner2Saint Features:

Catholic Examination of Root Sins
† Catholic virtues: Use the ten commandments to identify sins and create a theological sin checklist
† Catholic gospels and audio homilies available from all over the US and Canada (thousands of recordings available and updated every Sunday night)

Daily Catholic Readings & Reflections
† Daily Catholic readings: Discover virtues daily with Catholic bible verses and scripture reflections
† Daily Scripture Readings for all stages of worship: 1st Reading, Responsorial Psalm and Gospel Reading

Catholic Virtue Challenges
† 21 Day Challenge exercises based on the 7 Deadly Sins, Tough Family, Friend, Relationship, Work Temptations and General Everyday Life Scenario Temptations
† Catholic virtue challenges are specially designed to help you grow in your faith with subjects like ‘Fast on Friday’ and ‘Call Someone You Haven’t Talked to in a While’
† Share virtue challenges with the community and customize challenges to address your own sin

Daily Prayer & Fasting Log
† Daily Prayer, Virtue Definitions, Scripture, Penance, Sacraments, and more
† Fasting log aids you as you strive for clarity and forgiveness

Soul Tracker & Dashboard
† Soul tracker dashboard: Earn a Halo and Track your virtue progress
† Soul Notifications keep you focused on making progress on fighting against your sin
† 14 Soul Exercise Sets, including ‘7 Deadly Sins to 7 Lively Virtues’, ‘The Healing of Families’, ‘Ignatian Spirituality Exercises’ and more

Catholic Saints of the Day
† Catholic Saints of the Day, text and audio content from Franciscan Media, Ignatian Spiritual Exercises, The Healing of Families Catholic Ministry, Unbound Ministry and many more
† Catholic saints, priests, nuns and theologians offer over 200 quotes for virtue exercises, bible trivia, gospels and homilies


You can find Sinner2Saint in the iOS and Android app stores.  



PC and MAC – Bluestacks Software:

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One thought on “Awesome Catholic App! for this Lenten Season: “Sinner2Saint” A Fit Bit for your soul.

  • March 1, 2017 at 12:26 am

    Sinner2Saint app in a so-called A Fit Bit For Your Soul doesn’t have that record in Books of Records in Heaven. To get tired of the old sins means you are putting your soul to a weight when it can be helped through Sanctity of Penance and is good for the soul this act of help. It can get you come to a most “help” in your being in the sacrifice you would do by including your old sins to your present confession. You do not get tired when you can remember to help cleansed-out the old sins as doing the sacrifice you send your glory to highest Almighty Father and Almighty Father will send you in return the Sanctity of Forgivenes and from there follow a good path where the Light of Truth will walk with you through the end of your lifespan. If you do this way, where do you think you would go when you come to your second life? A suggestion such an app is making people lazy to do one spiritual service under the term ‘sacrifice of doing the sanctity’ when it is good for the soul.

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