, Prominent Catholic Magazine Run by John L. Allen Jr., Uses Medjugorje for Click Bait.. Publishes Fake News Headline Tainting Approved Marian Apparition

Follow Mystic Post on Facebook has been on an irresponsible roll publishing negative articles about Medjugorje while ignoring positive developments.

On March 18, 2017 ran the following headline:

“Bishop stops publication of revelations at Argentine Medjugorje”

The headline is misleading, confusing and intentionally malicious. Why put “Medjugorje in the headline in the first place.  The endeavor was pointless unless, of course, Cruxnow was trying to make a point not to mention drive page views.

There are a number of irresponsible characteristics to Crux’s headline.

One:  The headline leads the reader to believe that yet another Marian revelation is causing trouble for the local Bishop.  The Marian apparition in Argentina, as it turns out, has been approved by the Catholic Church. The apparitions are known as “Our Lady of the Rosary of San Nicolás”

Two: Most people know that Medjugorje has not been approved by the Catholic Church so why confuse readers into thinking that  “Our Lady of the Rosary” has some problems. I had to read the article a couple of times to fully understand the author’s point. The headline is unnecessarily misleading and confusing.

Three: The author of the headline knows exactly what he or she is doing with the inclusion of Medjugorje in the article’s title. The use of “Medjugorje” is to belittle Medjugorje by suggesting that the events at Medjugorje have turned into a cliche for  Marian apparitions that cause trouble for Bishops.

Four:  The beautiful Marian events in Argentina speak for themselves and should not be attached to Medjugorje in any way. There are many reasons for this but what clearly separates Medjugorje from “Our Lady of the Rosary of San Nicholas” is that Our Lady at  Medjugorje was experienced  six visionaries while Our Lady of the Rosary was witnessed  by only one seer.” It is worth noting that one of the central characteristics of Medjugorje’s question of authenticity is the extraordinary witness of six children, now adults, who have consistently shared their testimony with the world without meaningful contradictions. Many theologians and experts attribute great weight to this fact in assessing Medjugorje’s authenticity. The events  in Argentina and Medjugorje have their own unique characteristics.