“Think of your life after this one. Our attitude toward life will be very different…think more of your spiritual life and of paradise.” Medjugorje Visionary

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 Marija reveals why the Blessed Mother showed the visionaries not just heaven, but hell and purgatory as well.

Marija says it is important that we understand that Heaven and hell are real.

She says: “And through the message that she gave us she said that our lives must be like a flower, and that we are here just in a passing way.

Only eternal life does not pass. For that reason she urges us, and she asks us, to think more of the spiritual life and of paradise.

She wants us to think of Hell and of Purgatory. She said our life will be very different, our attitude toward life will be very different, when we think of the life after this one.

And she said we shall really, truly understand that this life is only passing like a flower, and that here we are in this world in a passing path.

This is why she urges us: enjoy it….that we may live this short life in joy; that we may understand, as it says in the Bible...that we are truly on a path that we’re only passing by.

This is why Our Lady showed Heaven, Hell, and Purgatory. To show us that these realities exist.”


Watch the Sept 23, 2010 evening of prayer in Vienna, Austria with Ivan and Marija from Medjugojre at marytv.tv Ivan and Marija receive an apparition of the Queen of Peace in Cardinal Schoenborn’s Cathedral. The evening consisted of prayer, Mass, the apparition, and testimonies from Ivan, Marija, and others.