Vicka on the Importance of DAILY Prayer… “As a flower cannot live without water, so we cannot live without prayer and God’s grace.”

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When Our Lady tells us to pray, she is not asking us to pray only with words. She wants us to open our hearts day after day so that prayer might be a real joy for us. Our Lady explained this by a wonderful example.

She says: “You all have a flowerpot in your families. If you put two or three drops of water into the pot every day, you will see the flower growing, developing, and there is a beautiful rose in the end”.  

The same happens with our heart. If we put two or three words of prayer into our heart every day, it will grow and develop like that flower does. But if we fail to give water to the flower for two days or so, we shall see it disappearing as if it had never been there.

Our Lady says that we, too, many times, when prayer time comes, say: I do not feel like praying today, I am tired, I will do it tomorrow and so tomorrow comes and the day after tomorrow… That way every day we get ourselves farther away from prayer and everything that comes from that bad side starts to enter into our heart. For Our Lady says: “As a flower cannot live without water, so we cannot live without God’s grace.”

For the prayer of the heart can never be learnt; the prayer of the heart can only be lived, by making one step forward day after day.


Excerpts taken from book: Krešimir Šego, “Time of Grace”, published by Ziral in Mostar

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