Great Vatican Mariologist is Source Behind the Mysterious Medjugorje Prophecy about the Future of Russia

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The messages given by Our Lady in Medjugorje began on June 25, 1981, and continue to this day. The earliest messages from 1981-1983, recorded by the parish in Medjugorje (Information Center MIR Medjugorje,, were unfortunately confiscated and destroyed by the communists.

The 1981-1983 messages found here were obtained from the works of Fr. René Laurentin, and Professor René LeJeune. They were originally recorded in French, and translated into English by Juan Gonzales Jr., Ph.D.

Rene Laurentin is widely recognized as the leading expert in the field of Mariology and is the author of over 150 books and 1,000 scholarly articles. His writings, translated in many languages, cover a range of topics on Marian apparitions including Lourdes and Medjugorje; visionaries and mystics including Bernadette Soubirous, Thérèse de Lisieux, Catherine Labouré, and YvonneAimée de Malestroit; as well as biblical exegesis, theology, and Vatican II. Laurentin has written over 2,000 articles, primarily published in Le Figaro, and Chrétiensmagazine.

He has written extensively on Medjugorje and many of his works have been translated into English by Juan Gonzalez. Some these include “Latest News of Medjugorje” (1987), “Scientific and Medical Studies on the Apparitions” (1988), and “Seven Years of Apparitions: Time for Harvest?” (1988). Laurentin’s latest book is entitled “Dictionary Characters from the Gospel According to Maria Valtorta”, published October 30, 2012.


Perhaps the most mysterious and prophetic “message” from the Queen of Peace to the visionaries recorded by Father Laurentin occurred in October of 1981.

 According to Laurentin in October of 1981  (perhaps on October 13 the anniversary  date of Fatima’s miracle of the sun) the  Virgin Mary told Marija Pavlovic:


“Russia is the people where God will be most glorified. The West has advanced civilization, but without God, as though it were its own creator.”

Rene Laurentin and Rupcic Ljudevit
Is the Virgin Mary Appearing at Medjugorje
— Washington, D.C. — The Word Among Us Press. 1984. p.80

The Little Known Prophecy of the Virgin Mary that Connects Medjugorje to Fatima

“Russia and the West Have Swapped Spiritual and Cultural Roles”

In March of 1984 it is said by the Catholic Church that Pope John Paul II successfully completed the Consecration of Russia to Our Lady’s heart fulfilling the Blessed Mother’s wishes. Of course, not all agree. But suddenly does the mysterious rise of Christianity in Russia point to evidence that the prophecy of Fatima is unfolding and that the consecration of Russia did occur?   

Additionally, Our Lady says that Medjugorje is the fulfillment of Fatima. This fact is fairly well known by those who follow Medjugorje but less well known is Medjugorje’s  Russian Prophecy. And it is this Russian prophecy that directly connects Medjugorje to Fatima.  At Fatima and Medjugorje the only country specifically mentioned in the Marian apparitions is “Russia” . This is not an insignificant fact. 

The rising tensions between Russia and the West will continue to dominate the news headlines as we near the 100 year anniversary of Fatima. The origins of this conflict between the United States and Russia seemed to have come out of nowhere. But the Queen of Peace’s prophecy predicted in a stunningly accurate way the dramatic world events of today.

The prediction was revealed at the height of the Cold War in a quiet village called Medugorje in what was then Yugoslavia. 

On November 1, 1981, the Soviet Union was still very much an atheist state – at war with Christianity.  The Pope was a real threat to the totalitarian regime. So much so that the Soviet Union planned to kill Pope John Paul II.   The assassination attempt occurred on May 13, 1981, an anniversary date of the first appearance of the Virgin Mary at Fatima.

One month after the attempt on the Pope’s life,  the Virgin Mary began to appear at Medjugorje. Then six months after that the Virgin Mary  spoke about the future of both Russia and the “West”.  In a brief message to the visionaries, She said: “Russia will come to glorify God the most, the West has made civilization progress, but without God and acts as if they are their own creator”.

It seems impossible that in 1981 the Virgin Mary would speak about a time in the future when the Soviet Union would disappear and return to its roots as the country of “Russia” and that Russia would experience a spiritual revival unforeseen by the entire world.

“Russia will come to glorify God the most” is this “The Great Prophecy” of Medjugorje?

World events seem to be unfolding in a way that lend strong evidence that  the Virgin Mary’s  prediction of a mysterious spiritual awakening is in fact coming true. What comes next in these volatile times is anybody’s guess.

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  • May 10, 2017 at 11:42 am

    Also Father René Laurentin is present in every pilgrimage of True Life in God, by Vassula Ryden, mystical prophetic revelation to our times that is going on. See report of interview that René Laurentin promote with Vassula, questioning her and see his comments and book about authenticity of True Life in God message and Vassula Also there is a video with René Laurentin

    God in True Life in God says in many messages the prophecies about convertion of Russia and reveals that Russia will most glorifying God before all nations, because the great apostasy predicted in Scriptures as sign of the Second Coming oof Jesus Christ, see some earch in Messages

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    May God bless Medjugorje and True Life in God ever much. I think maybe they are the two witnesses of Revelation 11. Holy Virgen Mary of Fátima 100 years pray for us ever more!!!


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