Pope on a Plane …Talks About Medjugorje…Seems to believe in early apparitions. Says: “In the end, you will hear some words.”

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Medjugorje, doubts and openings of the Pope

The press conference on the return flight from Fatima. Francis speaks of the apparitions in Herzegovina, and while opening to the first ones he expresses many doubts about the current visions. On Trump: “I do not judge before meeting him.” On Lefebvrians: “Relations are fraternal.” “I never granted clemency in a case of child abuse”

In Fatima we have seen a great testimony of popular faith, the same one that is also found in Medjugorje. What do you think of those apparitions and the religious fervor that they have generated, in the light of having decided to appoint a bishop delegated for the pastoral aspects?

“All apparitions or alleged apparitions belong to the private sphere; they are not part of the ordinary public magisterium. For Medjugorje, Benedict XVI set up a commission presided over by Cardinal Ruini. I received the results; the commission was composed of good theologians, bishops and cardinals. The committee report is very, very good. There were some doubts in the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith, and the Doctrine thought appropriate to send each of the members of the Feria IV – the monthly meeting of the Congregation – all the documentation, including the opinions contrary to the Ruini report. I received the notification on a late Saturday night. It did not seem right to me; it was like putting the Ruini report, which is very well done, at auction. On Sunday morning, the Prefect of the Doctrine of the Faith received a letter in which I asked that instead of sending those opposing views to Feria IV, they should be sent to me personally. These opinions have all been studied – I would like to stress, all of them. The Ruini report states that the first apparitions when the seers were young must be distinguished from the others, and says that investigation should be done on those first ones. The report presents its doubts on the current alleged visions. Personally, I’m meaner: I prefer the Lady Mother, to the boss of telegraphic office, who sends a message every day. And these supposed apparitions do not have much value: I say this as a personal opinion. There are those who think that Our Lady is saying: Come, on that day I will give a message to that seer. Thirdly, there is the spiritual and pastoral fact, the core of the relationship: people who convert, who meet God, who change life. And this is not thanks to a magic wand. This fact cannot be denied. Now to see this, I have appointed a good bishop (Monsignor Hoser, ndr) who has experience in dealing with the pastoral side. In the end, you will hear some words.”

3 thoughts on “Pope on a Plane …Talks About Medjugorje…Seems to believe in early apparitions. Says: “In the end, you will hear some words.”

  • May 14, 2017 at 10:51 am

    Pope Francis on Trump: “I do not judge before meeting him.” Pope Francis already called him not a Christian! What do you call someone who says one thing but does another?

  • May 14, 2017 at 11:57 am

    I think you left out the Pope’s words “This is not the Mother of God” I think its important to document that he said that. I mean thats the definitive statement.

  • May 15, 2017 at 9:15 am

    Thanks 4the truth Anne!!!! This false pope needs prayers for his own conversion with such statements such as “This is not the Mother of God.” Let these words be witness to his own apostasy. The Mother of God is truly appearing to the visionaries at Medjugore. The abundant harvest of conversions as well as true Catholic worship and not a watered down version are indeed a testimony enough for those whose hearts that are open and contrite. Better to believe than not to believe. There is nothing contrary to the faith at Medjugore. How much confusion is francis spreading with actions and words that are contrary to the faith. Too many to mention here. Just follow lifesite news…they are pretty much right on to him. We are in the little schism. When the great schism happens I will feel great sorrow for those who will still follow francis’ split with the Remnant Church. He/they will greatly need our heartfelt prayers by then. Jesus, I joyfully await Your return. Thank You for the Book of Truth.


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