Signs? VLADIMIR Putin calls in Russia’s top priest to ward of ransomware viruses by blessing government computers with holy water.

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Hundreds of thousands of computers around the world were infected by the WannaCry virus in a hacking attack that caused chaos across the globe last week.

Patriarch Kirill blesses computers at Russia’s Ministry of Internal Affairs

With everyone from corporations to government agencies affected, there has been much talk of how to prevent a repeat attack in the future.

But rather than forking out for expensive antivirus protection software and cyber security experts, Russia appears to have come up with an alternative solution.

The government called in the country’s top priest to bless its computers in order to ward off hackers, Heat Street reports.

Patriarch Kirill, the leader of the Russian Orthodox Church, was pictured sprinkling holy water around the offices of the Ministry of Internal Affairs.

The church boss – who has previously called Putin a “miracle of God” and blasted his opponents – has a habit of wading into state affairs.


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