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medjugorje-christ-risen-sunset-praying2a“TO CHRIST THROUGH MARY….The souls will find Me through Her Immaculate Heart.  

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** An important note… Our mission is Catholic and we are obedient to Pope Francis and the Catholic Church**

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Saint John Paul II adopted  a radical commitment to finding Jesus.   “To Christ through Mary” pleaded Saint John Paul the Great to young Catholics throughout the world.   His urgent plea ignited a new flame in the hearts of countless young people all over the world.

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Our mission is to keep the flame of Our Lady’s redemptive heart alive and to help in God’s request at Fatima to establish a devotion to the Blessed Mother’s Immaculate Heart.

There is nothing more urgent today than leading people back to Christ by way of Our Lady’s heart. It must be that way. Christ says: “Whoever rejects My Mother, rejects Me” ( From Catholic approved event known as Our Lady of the Rosary)

The Blessed Mother is the ‘Ark”  and like Noah She is here today, like never before, to save humanity and to open the way to Her triumphant heart. This is her promise; it is Her prophecy.

The world is connected like no time in history, yet sadly, the world is turning rapidly away from God.  Mystic Post’s mission is to implore the world to understand what is meant by Our Lady’s “Triumphant Heart” and why it is so important.
Christ says: “It is my Mother who will prevent you  from drifting aimlessly, the one that will cause you to come directly to Me. The souls will find Me through Her Immaculate Heart.”  

Christ, our Lord and Savior, in a  supernatural event know as Our Lady of the Rosary of St. Nicholas which was recently approved by the Catholic Church, announced 10 special messages for the world.
These 10 messages form the heart and soul of our ministry and are the driving force of our mission.

  1. Glorious days await you.  Rejoice In Me my beloved children. 
  1. The creatures must come to Me, because only with Me the souls will live forever.
  2. It is my Mother the one that will prevent them from drifting aimlessly, the one that will cause them to come directly to Me. 
  1. Today I forewarn the world that which the world does not want to notice:  the souls are in danger, many will be lost, and salvation will arrive at few if I am not accepted like The Savior. 
  1. My Mother must be received; My Mother must be listened to in the totality of her messages.  Man must discover the wealth that She brings the Christians. The children of the sin will grow in it, if their incredulity increases.
  1. I want a renovation of the spirit, a loosening from death and an attachment to life.The Heart of My Mother is the chosen one so that what I request becomes reality.  The souls will find Me through Her Immaculate Heart.  
  1. Previously the world was saved with Noah’s Ark.  Today the Ark is My Mother. By means of Her the souls will be saved because It will bring them towards Me.
  1. Whoever rejects My Mother, rejects Me.
  1. Many are ignoring the graces of God these days.  
  1. You must go and evangelize.  Do not pay attention where.  Wherever you are, evangelize to your brothers who know nothing about the word of God.  Do not forget.  Evangelize. 



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