Top 10 News Sites Worth a Look (or not)

News of the Day

Drudge Report  – The Nine Hundred Pound Gorilla

Google News – Unbiased useful robot … but we’re keeping an eye on them

Faith News

Spirit Daily –   Fearless, fast breaking, accurate

New Advent – Has it all – news, opinions, wide ranging

Rome Reports– Smart, important, lots of great video news

Pew Sitter – For those who prefer to read Catholic news with their hair on fire

Catholic News Agency   Broad based, comprehensive Catholic news from around the world.

Catholic World Report  These folks report news from an orthodox Catholic perspective


Other news  Trumps go to source…we are adding this news site at least  until the Election is over.

CNBC – Fast breaking business news

Fox News  People watch this channel – nuff said

ESPN – No explanation required why this is on the list– Lots and lots of stuff here… For true news hounds.– Not for everybody -but worth a peek from time to time

Not News 

Huff Post  – To see what is important to the lunatic fringe

Please note – CNN is not a news organization- they are a mouth piece for special interests

Buzz Feed  Hugely popular news site for the paragraphically impaired. If you want to know about things like the top five bunny rabbit farms in America, this is your site.  BTW Link to top Bunny Rabbit Breeders   Warning Buzz Feed can be offensive and that is being kind.

Please leave comments of news sites to include.

More Newsworthy Links We like

Signs and Wonders
Spirit DIgest
The Catholic Herald 

American Thinker

Russia News

Russia Insider


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