The Madonna Files

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 A letter containing the most closely guarded secret in Catholic Church history goes missing from the Pope’s apartment. The future of the Church; its very soul is said to be reveled in the mysterious letter.

Set in Washington, D.C.,,  The Madonna Files  is a contemporary story of Rene Estabrook,  a beautiful, but lonely Georgetown University History professor  who finds herself a pawn in a deadly power struggle inside the Catholic Church.

With unexpected turns and a full dose of scholarly intrigue along the way, The Madonna Files is a contemporary  political thriller based on the mysterious appearances and prophecies of the Virgin Mary throughout the ages.

“A fast-paced, tightly-plotted political thriller with genuine spirituality at its core.” RANDALL SULLIVAN – ROLLING STONE Contributing Editor, Host on Oprah Winfrey Network and author of “Miracle Detectives”

“With an air of National Treasure, or Pier Paul Read’s novel, Death of a Pope, the reader plunges into political controversy, chase scenes, a coded message, and an exposition on Marian apparitions.”-  Anne Marie Hauge

“I found it to be a great book; a fascinating, fast-paced thriller, written in a strong voice, filled with rich dialogue, complex and colorful characters, a story-line that tackles the most meaningful, religious and political subjects in the world. It is an impressive work…Move over Dan Brown, I was blown away!”  –  DANIEL KLIMEK -Scholar, seminarian and Marian expert featured in the full length motion picture –  “Queen of Peace”


“A Masterful tale” Book of the Month – The Zebra


“A Powerful book of adventure and faith” – FRANK SCHAEFFER New York Times best selling author


5.0 out of 5 stars THIS BOOK IS AWESOME!,

By Astounded

If you are a Da Vinci Code fan, YOU MUST READ THIS — Vatican intrique set in the Washington, DC area. I could see the map, streets, rivers, etc. — WHAT FUN! The complexity of the history, story development, character relationships, twists and turns are astounding. The history was so believable that I kept thinking — “wow, I didn’t know that!” The worst news is it ended. I WANT MORE IMMEDIATELY!!!